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Heat treatment furnace
The manufacturer of electro-magnetic and thermoelectric furnaces specializes in melting, and is the leading manufacturer of heat furnaces.
◎ Equipment overview
- From small to large purgeable
- It is easy to enter that DOOR Opening and Closing Automatically, CAR BOTTOM.
- A Uniform Temperature Distribution by Direct Heating Method.
- A heat source : Electricity, oil, gas
- Use : Tempering of large parts. Heating of small parts. Forged goods, main items, stress removal
Model Work Size mm Power Charge Temperature Part Temperature℃
JECF-250 500-500-500 25kw 250kg 1 zone 600 ~ 1000  
JECF-400 600-600-700 40kw 400kg
JECF-600 650-650-1000 55kw 600kg
JECF-800 800-800-1200 70kw 800kg
JECF-1000 1000-1000-1200 100kw 1000kg
JECF-1200 1000-1000-1500 110kw 1200kg
JECF-1500 1200-1200-1500 125kw 1500kg