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Heat treatment furnace
The manufacturer of electro-magnetic and thermoelectric furnaces specializes in melting, and is the leading manufacturer of heat furnaces.
◎ Equipment overview
- The solution is designed to be homogeneous and heat-treated.
- Furnace will meet your requirements as much as possible as listed below.
- Temperatures of furnace can be maintained and adjusted by a given HEATING temperature.
- It is designed as an energy saving structure due to reduction of heat storage and increase of insulation, thus reducing power consumption.
- To minimize the temperature difference inside the furnace, After installing the HEATER layout up and down, CONTROL was installed, respectively.
- It has various safety devices, so it is possible to work smoothly and safely.
- A/S is available for the required period.
- The structure of the equipment is the body of the Furnace, A hot air cycler, automatic control panels, It is composed of a solvent executing device.
MODEL UNIT ALST-0700 ALST-0900 ALST-1200 ALST-1500
Power kw 42 63 96 130
In Size WxLxH 500x500x450 600x600x550 750x750x600 900x900x700
Work Size Liter 700 900 1200 1500
Max kg 250 450 700 1000
TEMPERATURE 820℃ - 930℃