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Heat treatment furnace
The manufacturer of electro-magnetic and thermoelectric furnaces specializes in melting, and is the leading manufacturer of heat furnaces.
◎ Equipment overview
- Degassification of Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys There is a stirred impeller put in for the purpose. It's a test of algonus or nitrogen gas. It is a mobile degassert system that automatically agitates.
- It is easy to move, so it can be used for various facilities.AND It is easy to keep.
- Uses a special liner bearing for up and down transport. be able to operate steadily.
- Adapt various formats depending on the type of installation of electric furnace
List Condition 비고
Impeller Metrial SIC  
Impeller RPM 50 RPM
Using Gas Argon or Nitrozen
Gas Meta 10 ~ 20 ℓ/Min
Gas Using Time 10 ~ 15 Minutes