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Heat treatment furnace
The manufacturer of electro-magnetic and thermoelectric furnaces specializes in melting, and is the leading manufacturer of heat furnaces.
◎ Equipment overview
- It is a device that heats the ladles before use.
- When heated with gas or oil burners, Workplace pollution, noise, are harmful factors.
- electric heating furnace is able to Cost reduction and improvement of work environment.
- The heating-time reservation function be able to complete the heating.
LADLE Model (kg) LADLE Size(D1xD2xH) Heating Pot (LxWxH) Capacity(kw)
300 Φ550-Φ500-720 1600-550-1600 30kw
500 Φ620-Φ550-870
1000 Φ750-Φ650-1050 1900-800-1800 45kw
1500 Φ840-Φ740-1200 2200-900-3050 54kw
2000 Φ900-Φ800-1270
3000 Φ1000-Φ900-1400 2400-1000-3350 65kw